ViaCloud Insight Analytics (VIA)
You have lots of data. What you need are Insights and Analytics. ViaCloud Insight Analytics (VIA) combines technology, people and process to help you quickly and painlessly gain a deep understanding of your organization’s IT infrastructure, and what you need to know about it. We can quickly and easily itemize and inventory everything in your enterprise: Windows, OSx, *Nix, laptops, desktops, servers, switches, routers, printers, tablets, phones, Oracle and cloud-based products such as Office 365 -- completely agentless with limitless scalability. We’ll equip you with actionable information to drive the business decisions you make every day. Let us turn the oceans of data available about your network into easily digestible information that can be acted upon, all focused on reducing unnecessary expenditures/costs and increasing efficiency/profits.

ViaCloud Insight Analytics (VIA) Services

IT Asset Management Framework & Process Design Services:
We work with organizations to help them build enterprise-wide ITAM programs, including fully defined Hardware and Software Lifecycles, proper Financial Management and Governance Models, and even get into the details of ensuring the appropriate key asset data is available across disparate Systems and Groups throughout the lifecycle of an asset. Our ITAM Framework and Process Design Services will enable you to:
  • minimize the risk, impact and recurrence of software audits
  • stop equipment loss, downtime and waste across the organization
  • decrease the frequency of unbudgeted expenses
Oracle Discovery & Analytics Services:
We can easily discover Oracle Databases, their enabled options, and other Oracle Products installed throughout your environment. We can also generate easily digestible summaries from the outputs generated by Oracle’s own audit scripts. Our Oracle Discovery and Analytics Services will tell you:
  • how many Oracle databases and products are in your environment
  • what billable options are enabled in your Oracle environment
  • how many Oracle licenses your organization is actually using 
Maintenance Contract Management Services:
We can quickly and easily compare your maintenance contracts to their actual production inventory and find potential cost savings. For example, the average Cisco customer is overpaying on their SMARTnet contract by as much as 12%. Our Maintenance Contract Management Services will tell you if:
  • all of your equipment is covered and if you are paying for coverage on equipment that you don’t actually have
  • you are currently using unsupportable or end-of-life equipment
  • you are at risk for downtime due to improper or invalid coverage

Software Asset Management Services:
In real time, we can provide you actionable information on products that are common audit targets, and enable you to maintain your license compliance and keep an eye on any gaps that emerge in your software entitlements. Our Software Licensing Asset Management Services will tell you if:
  • you have deployed more software than you own
  • the software you are paying for is actually being used
  • you are overbuying your software licenses
Software Rationalization & Categorization Services:

The typical corporate workstation has over 150 unique installed software titles. However, less than 5% of these installed packages matter in terms of license compliance. Our adaptive software library learns as it goes. Our Software Rationalization and Categorization Services will tell you which:

  • vendors make up your entire commercial software portfolio
  • titles installed in your environment are commercial software and which are ‘noise’ (drivers, freeware, etc.)
  • commercial vendors you should be most concerned about managing your licensing for   

Mobile Device Readiness Services:
Your users’ workloads are being delivered to much more than just corporate desktops these days. Whether we're talking about mobile devices, a BYOD initiative or both, our Mobile Device Readiness Services will tell you:
  • whether your current network can handle an influx of devices
  • how your current commercial vendor agreements will be affected
  • how much control you will want over what is being done with devices connected to my network  

ViaCloud Insight Analytics (VIA) Subscription

A subscription of 12, 24 or 36 months includes monthly reporting and ad hoc reports on key metrics at any time, monthly consultation (one hour) with a ViaCloud Account Executive and Solutions Architect to discuss your environment and any changes, security analysis for rogue or BYOD devices, and audit protection for contracted/licensed software titles.

ViaCloud Insight Analytics (VIA) Features

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Cross-Platform Inventory
The VIA Box can inventory just about anything - Windows, OSx, Linux, Unix, Solaris, ESX, any SNMP-compliant (v1, v2c, v3) devices - and can detect embedded and nonstandard OS devices without having to log into them.
Active Directory Integration
We can pull in all registered Active Directory devices and users, including their degree of activity, most recent logon, even the areas of the network they were last seen.
Office 365  Inventory
We can discover both local, on-prem inventory and usage, entitlement, and activation of cloud-based products within the Office 365 family. Track every activation, usage, entitlement and activation of your cloud services.
SAM Dashboard & Software Taxonomy
You want to know more than just what titles you have installed - you want to know if you’re compliant. We provide automated gap analysis - simply key your ownership information into the software product tracker.
Next-Level SQL Database Tracking
SQL sprawl is one of the leading hidden costs within today’s enterprise. Our SQL detection algorithms and easy-to-use reporting make that pain a thing of the past.
Virtualization Mapping & Licensing
We can get host hardware specifications such as processor count, architecture, guests running on the hosts for optimal license distribution. We even get the licenses the bare metal itself is consuming!
Oracle Inventory & Analysis
We can easily discover Oracle Databases, their enabled options, and other Oracle Products installed throughout your environment. We can also generate summaries from the outputs generated by Oracle’s own audit scripts.
SQL License Management
Server. Processor. Core. SQL Server’s been sold in a lot of ways. Our SQL License Tracker will give you a workshop to try out different ways to optimally distribute your licenses and maximize your SQL Server investment.
Cisco EOX (End-of-sale, End-of-support)
We’re integrated directly with Cisco’s EOX system and can tell you which equipment on your network is no longer available or no longer supportable. Know ahead of time if you need to replace key infrastructure items.
Automated Hardware Warranty Tracking
For most major manufacturers, we can automatically pull in any maintenance, care packs or warranty associated with your devices. You can see the support status of the entire fleet, all in one handy interactive report.
SSL Certificate Inventory & Tracking
With a simple scan, we can retrieve key details about any SSL certificates installed in your environment - including their issuance and expiration dates, the key length, cipher and protocol, as well as the issuing authority.
Contract Management
Our system makes it easy to track the start date, end date, value and associated items for all your maintenance, software, hardware, and lease contracts, and shows any gaps in coverage or if covered hardware no longer present.
 Mobile Devices Tracking
Instantly see who is connecting to your network, or pulling down corporate data - and on what device.
Security Vulnerability & Tracking
Our integration with the Dept of Homeland Security’s “National Vulnerability Database” allows us to keep track of every known software vulnerability and our reports tell you which of them you are currently unpatched against.